High Quality Health Checkup with Quality Control
May take Japan Quality Health Checkup in Yangon
  1. Japanese Doctor, Japanese Nurses and other Japanese Staffs will stay on duty.
    Possible to consult in Japanese for symptoms and health conditons which are difficult to convey in foreign languages.
  2. Possible to issue and explain the Health Checkup results in Japanese.
  3. We use Nasal Endoscope for gastrointestinal endoscopy and you may have endoscopy without pain as well as in Japan.
  4. We conduct blood tests in clinic. We are dedicated to provide the accurate test results with Japanese quality control. For General Health Checkup, we can provide test results in the same day.
  5. It is possible to take the Funduscopy and Eye Pressure Test for early detection of Glaucoma and retinal diseases.
  6. As the medical center is opened on Saturday morning, it will be convenient for those who are difficult to visit on weekdays.
The followings are the notifications from Yangon Japan Medical Centre.
  • 11,Apr,2020 Thingyan Water Festival : 10,April-19,April:CLOSED (only 13,April and 16,April AM OPEN)
  • 13,Feb,2019 Open Ceremony https://www.facebook.com/YangonJapanMC/
  • 1,Mar,2019 Website Launch
Service Hour    AM 8:00 - PM 3:30
                          Sat AM 8:00 - PM 11:00
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