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Director's Introduction

Director Inoue So

In Myanmar,ASEAN member country, average life expectancy is 66 years. Undeveloped medical environment is an issue and about 100,000 people use the hospitals of neighboring countries such as Thai and Singapore every year.

Sanshikai is the first Japanese Medical Institute endorsed by Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC). The Outpatient Clinic where Japanese doctors and nurses reside, and Health Checkup Center using Japanese medical equipments such as endoscopes were opened in downtown area of Yangon, the biggest commercial city of Myanmar, in joint venture with local partner. 

We are dedicated to provide high-quality Japanese medical services such as outpatient clinic and Health Checkup to Myanmar peoples, Expatriates and Japanese travelers etc, in cooperation with Japan insurance companies.

Dr. Su Mon Han

Welcome to Yangon Japan Medical Centre. We are here to serve you and your family.

Our mission is to support Myanmar by providing high quality health care with the cooperation of the People of Japan. Yangon Japan Medical Centre is the first Japan medical centre invested in Myanmar. We provide Japan quality health check-up programme and outpatient care by using Japan quality Equipment and machines. I would like to invite you to experience our best customer care service and health care to YJMC. 

Healthy regards,

  • To improve your physical and mental health.
  • To create healthy life for regions and society.
  • To make disease prevention and environmental imporvement.
Basic Policy
  1. We will support in building healthy lifes for individuals.
  2. We aim for high-quality Health Checkup with quality control.
  3. We will make efforts to provide examination comfortably.
  4. We will support to take appropriate treatments based on examination results.
  5. We will provide the necessary and safe health and medical information.
  6. We will support region and society's Health promotion activities
  7. We will cooperate the improvement of lifestyle and working environment.
  8. We will comply with confidentiality obligations of personal information etc.
We will make diligent efforts to ensure that everyone is able to realize the healthy and pleasant lifestyle through Health Checkup and Industrial Physicians etc.
Overview of Yangon Japan Medical Centre
NameYangon Japan Medical Centre
AddressNo.168/A, Dhama Zedi Road, Shwegonedaing Ward(West), Bahan Township, Yangon
DirectorInoue So
EstablishedSeptember 2018
BuildingTwo-story Building
Floor Guide
Introduction to Floor Guide
2F : Blood Collection, Blood Pressure, Eye Test, Height and Weight,
       Ultrasound, ECG, Funduscopy, Intraocular pressure, Bone density,
       Pulmonary function
1F : Reception, Pharmacy, Examination Room, Treatment Room,
       Endoscope Room, X-Ray Room, Laboratory
Sanshikai Group
Sanshikai Group Introduction