Q. I would like to take health checkup, what should I do?
A. We operate by appointment only, please call us to make an appointment.
Your name, address, date of birth, type of health insurance etc are required.
Q. How long does it take for examination?
A. Depending on number of peoples visiting for examination and test items. Please consider about one and a half hours to two hours for general examination and three to four hours for PREMIUM package.
Q. What should I do when I have bad physical condition on the examination day?
A. For accurate results, we recommend to take the examination when you do not have symptoms. But if it is difficult to change the appointment, examination after acknowledgment that abnormality appears in some numerical values is possible.
Q. Can I go for health checkup during period?
A. There is no problem in health checkup itself. However, it is possible to increase the probability of occult blood reaction in urine and feces tests, we recommend to change the appointment if possible.
Q. Can I add examination items to regular checkup courses?
A. We prepared many optional checkup items to customize the regular courses.
Some items are possible to add in checkup day, but there are also items that require reservation. Please make a reservation by phone one week in advance.
Q. How long does it take to get examination results?
A. It can take about 1 week after examination. (It may be overdue for consecutive holidays and new year holidays)
Q. I did X-Ray some months ago, is it ok to take this time?
A. It is considered that there is no effect if the exposure is less than 200 mGy / day. The chest X-Ray examination at our center is 0.07 mGy. (Amount of exposure given when airplane flying back and forth in Japan, New York is 0.25 mGy)
Q. After X-Ray examination, I found out pregnancy, is it ok?
A. It is considered that there is no problem if the exposure is within two weeks after implantation. Even after that, it is said that the limit does of fetal malformations is about 100 mGy and the exposure of X-Ray examination is less than 10 mGy, so it is no need to worry. However, in just case, please counsult with obstetrician.
Q. I have to take stomach examination, is it ok to take regular medicine on that day?
A. Basically, we recommand to refrain from taking medicine. But, we understand that there are some medicine that you must take, so please decide it after consult with your doctor. Please inform us the amount and time of medicine taken in reception.
Q. Can I use credit card for payment?
A. We accept VISA, Master, JCB, MPU, CPU cards.
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